ZEP-us - unser Metaverse-Tool

ZEP.us – The all-rounder in the Metaverse

The ZEP.us offering is a real all-rounder in the Metaverse. From office spaces for everyday use to conferences and major events, ZEP.us offers the right options for all conceivable, individually designed virtual environments. With ZEP.us you get the latest Metaverse technology, both technically and visually.

We design your virtual environment according to your ideas and advise you on the numerous options that ZEP.us offers you! Or rent a map that we have already created, which we would also be happy to customize for you.

Wir entwerfen Ihre virtuelle Umgebung ganz nach Ihren Vorstellungen und beraten Sie zu den zahlreichen Optionen, die ZEP.us Ihnen bietet! Oder mieten Sie eine von uns bereits erstellte Map, die wir auch gerne für Sie individualisieren.

ZEP - State-of-the-art Metaverse for all occasions

ZEP convinces with high resolution, large server capacities for huge events and a very high-quality look. In addition, the rooms and avatars can be customized in many different ways. With ZEP, the user feels that the provider has a well thought-out concept and has placed great value on intuitive handling and dynamic interaction options with colleagues and guests right from the start.

Convince yourself of the almost endless possibilities that ZEP offers you!

Practical tools in the metaverse

The ZEP.us Metaverse includes some handy tools that make interactions even smoother and more lifelike.

In addition to the video and audio functions, the chat function and a selection of emoticons offer the opportunity to react directly to what is said. For example, you can give immediate feedback on presentations. In addition, files such as images, videos or documents can be easily shared in the ZEP metaverse. The practical, integrated whiteboard function also allows you to take notes directly in a conversation or to present ideas graphically.

In this way, your online meetings do not lose any of the advantages of real life, while at the same time opening up completely new possibilities and saving you time and money for travel.
Move your meetings and events to the Metaverse now!

Meeting Arena and ZEP.us - Partners in the Metaverse

Meeting-Arena and ZEP.us are official partners and you benefit too!

Our team is always up to date on everything that’s changing in the ZEP Metaverse. Whether it’s new features, design options or technical framework conditions, with Meeting-Arena your everyday office life and your event will run smoothly. Sit back and enjoy the anticipation of your next trip to the Metaverse!

The possibilities of ZEP at a glance

Insellandschaft mit Beach

Combine the feeling of face-to-face meetings with the relaxation of the home office!