FAQ Meeting-Arena


Let us answer the most frequently asked questions
surrounding the use of Meeting-Arena.

Is it possible to create a custom map?

Yes, it is!
We would be most pleased to design your own personal environment together with you.
The Meeting Arena universe will be completely in line with any requirements and preferences you may have.
Alternatively, we offer the option to create a personalized space, customized and integrated as you see fit. 

Do participants need prior training to attend?

No, participants can join in without prior knowledge. The tool is intuitive and easy to use.

Can I first test Meeting Arena for free?
By all means you can!
We value your interest and you’re welcome to test Meeting Arena extensively ahead of your event.
Get yourself a free Basic program option and preview our tool with colleagues or friends.

Which purpose is Meeting-Arena most suitable for?
The tool offers a wide range of uses, scaled individually, and ranging from cost-free to custom-designed.
We offer a comprehensive application tailored to many needs. 

You can use our metaverse tools in a myriad of ways:

  • as an alternative to traditional video conferencing software

  • for virtual meetings in specially designed rooms, e.g. as a daily meeting room for your home-office team,
    or as a one-off solution for a digitally staged company celebration

  • for hosting highly professional virtual trade fairs and large-scale digital events (ZEP Metaverse only)

Is there a free metaverse?
Yes, ZEP’s Metaverse is free, powerful, and includes features similar to other providers.

Why do you charge per number of participants instead of a standard fee?
To ensure your digital event runs smoothly, it is imperative we provide our technical service partner Gather.Town
with the required server capacity.
The number of participants expected at your event will determine the maximum amount of players per room.

How can I cancel the Basic package?
Our Basic package can be terminated by the end of the month.