FAQ Meeting-Arena


Let us answer the most frequently asked questions
around the use of our metavers tools from ZEP.us and Gather.town.

Yes, for virtual meetings in creatively designed rooms. E.g. as a daily meeting room for teams in the home office or once at digital company celebrations for the organization of highly professional virtual trade fairs and large digital events (only in the Metaverse of ZEP). There are no limits to creativity.

Yes, ZEP.us is currently available free of charge. Gather.town is only free up to a number of 25 people, after that the costs are calculated according to the number of users and days or months.

The functions within the tools are similar and are regularly expanded. Depending on the application, it is decided which tool is preferred. In the end, you decide which of the tools is the right one for your event.

The Metaverse tools offer a wide range of applications and are individually scalable – from an inexpensive rental version to individually designed, Meeting-Arena offers comprehensive application options, according to your wishes!

Yes! We would be happy to design your own personal Metaverse world according to your CI, which completely corresponds to your wishes and ideas.

Alternatively, you can rent an existing world that can also be individually branded. Just talk to us!

No, the participants do not need any training! The tools are very easy to use.

If desired, we also offer a demo event before an event so that everyone involved can familiarize themselves with the tool.

Of course you can! It is very important to us that you can test Meeting Arena extensively before using this tool at your individual event. Just try out one of our worlds with colleagues or friends in advance for free. Ask us! We would be happy to send you a link to our demo world.

Yes, ZEP’s Metaverse is for free, it is alsopowerful and includes similar features and capabilities as other providers.

In order to ensure that your digital event at Gather.town runs smoothly, it is imperative that we correctly allocate the required server capacity at our technical service provider Gather.Town. That’s why we need the number of participants you expect for your event in advance. This way we can filter out what the maximum number of participants in a room will be.

What are the technical requirements for the virtual worlds?
You need a desktop PC, a connected microphone and speakers, a connected camera and a working internet connection.

Chrome or Firefox browsers are recommended for using the Metaver tools. Other browsers will e.g. Currently only partially supported.

ZEP. us and Gather.town are metaverse tools with video and chat capabilities, in which animated characters (avatars) move in rooms and landscapes in a virtual world. As soon as you get close to another avatar, a video window of that person will appear. You can now talk to your counterpart via video transmission or write using the chat function.
You simply move around in space using the arrow keys (keyboard).
Just like in reality, you are free to decide who you want to approach and who you want to talk to.
In the virtual world, some objects are associated with interactions. As soon as you get close to one of these interactive objects, they become active with a color marking and a hint and you can look at the stored content, whether it’s a website, videos, pictures, flyers, a portal to another world, or various other functions … go join us on a journey of discovery through the Metaverse.
We create your virtual world in ZEP.us or in Gather.town. Enjoy the ability to choose which Metaverse tool to use to showcase your event.

ZEP.us servers are AWS servers which are 3.6 times more energy efficient than traditional web servers. Due to the nature of the ZEP Spaces, it is difficult to estimate the CO2 consumption of an individual space. Depending on the usage and size of the space, number of users, etc., COs consumption may vary. ZEP.us is designed to make the tool and servers work efficiently, so consumption is comparable to a regular website or video call.

With a digital event you offer your participants the opportunity to take part in your event cost-effectively, energy-efficiently and regardless of location, you save time, budget and above all CO2.