Meeting-Arena - the Metaverse future at hand!

Meeting-Arena offers hosts and organizers the chance to create a memorable buzz.
We invite you to experience our next generation of digital events, meetings and trade fairs and use ZEP us and Gather town metaverse tools.

Yes, online conferencing can be fun! In our trademark Meeting-Arena, participants are free to move around and experience a virtual experience unthinkable only a couple years ago. Let participants exchange ideas in a confidential setting as well as in groups – our online meeting tools are the future at your fingertips today.


Use a microphone to interact with participants around you.



Use a webcam to connect both you and your fellow members.


Group chats and private conversations are supported.


Move your character as you please, pick the person to network with.

Meeting Arena is based on ZEP us and Gather Town

You may have become aware of Meeting-Arena thanks to the and platform. As a service provider, we offer many features to ensure the success of your digital event, entirely based on the and platform.

Our wide choice of options outsmarts any standard videoconferencing software: 

Customize event rooms! Set up creative worlds! Organize online ticket sales!
Manage cross-media promotions! Meeting-Arena provides you with a safe and encompassing solution and we are also an official

Get in touch for a personal and non-binding consultation.

Meeting Arena offers virtual rooms for:


enjoy co-working & online talks


interactive trade fairs, seminars or team events

Individual designed events

Simply plan your event on the moon


set up both multiple and simultaneous events

Design your digital events right here with us,
from video meet-ups to digital trade fairs

customer event

& conventions

trade show

team events

& festivals

From the comfort of your office or your home. 

A virtual space as good as face-to-face — Meeting Arena makes it happen!

Customize your chosen design

Laptop geöffnet mit der Meeting Arena

Lounge-Bereich für persönliche Gespräche.


Interaktive Funktionen mit hinterlegten Inhalten. 


Online Austausch per Video-Chat Funktion.

Bring your wishes to life!

Meeting Arena provides tools and options for customizations, with few restrictions to your own imagination. Our first-class team of graphic designers will bring individual requests to life, be it a sunny beach, a lively festival or a formal office building – we provide the suitable environment for every occasion!

Nearly unlimited options

Experience this brand new meeting environment first hand.

Try it out now!